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We have been established in the mobile trade since 2000 and ever since as a private limited company. You can be confident that our staff, website structure and operation measure are well tested and therefor giving a very reliable service!

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,Women'S Backpack,Medium Bag,Leatherette Travel Bag with 3 Handles and Pockets,Double Handle Handbag,Fun & Music
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Product Description

About Anekke

Anekke is a brand of bags and accessories for women special and full of personality.

Each collection is inspired by a journey or an iconic woman, creating each piece under a unique story and design, full of details.

Enjoy our collections and experience every day a new adventure accompanied by your new Anekke product.

You will love it!

Women's Bags and Accessories

Made with soul, own personality and unique design

If you are a brave, optimistic, cheerful, generous and dreamy woman who likes to travel endlessly and live multiple adventures... Welcome to Anekke! From now on I will become your travel companion.

What why? Because I offer you a wide collection of bags and accessories and, through them, we will be able to demonstrate all the feminine values that represent us.

I can feel your magic... let's make history together!

  • Discover The Forest and Voice bag collections.
  • Quality materials.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear accessories.
  • Sustainable materials.
  • Unique designs.

Bags to dream

Anekke bags are more than just an add-on. They are a story, a unique design and a travel companion for all women with a special and differential taste. Open your eyes, discover the different bags and styles of our collections and eat the world with your bravery, optimism and joy!

Quality materials

We make all our collections and products with the raw materials you deserve: quality, durable and durable. In addition, most of our materials are sustainable, which will make you brag of style, look radiant and wear a smile from ear to ear.

Wallets, umbrellas and more

We have wallets, purses, bag bags, toiletry bags, jewelry, handkerchiefs and umbrellas to accompany you at all times. Choose from different designs, styles and prints, all great to make a difference wherever you go. Our collections are designed to make you shine in every situation!

New arrival

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