TT950 3G Flip Android Simple Whatsapp Mobile Phone & In Car Charger, Dock Charger, CX9 Holster Case & O2 Sim Card


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The brand new model from TTfone is our best model yet, the TTfone
Titan TT950 is a fully featured easy to use simple smart phone which is
as easy as you have come to expect with TTfone models. The Titan is 3G
compatible and will work in any country on any network and comes in a
stylish flip design with screens on the inside and outside.

We have developed an Android operating system that is so easy and user
friendly that you will find using this phone a pleasure. The simple
Android menu can be navigated using the large keypad and navigation
buttons or the touchscreen depending on which you prefer.

Whatsapp and Facebook lite make it the first TTfone that you can use to
communicate by video calling and messenger. Photo Contacts is a feature
where you can save numbers in your phone with a photo of the person
which makes it super simple to call a loved one.

Loud volume with a built in speaker phone, the Titan is much louder than
 conventional mobile phones. Dock charging system to make it a doddle to
 keep the batter charged and the phone ready to use anytime.

Voice memos which you can use a reminder to take medicine or to go for a
 walk. Dual cameras so you can take great pictures, selfies and use
video calling features.

Emergency SOS button that sends out a text to pre-set loved ones and
also sends your current location

Please note: to get best use of the functions of the TT950 Titan you
will require a sim card that has a data plan.

3G Flip Senior Phone with Big Button and Large Display - Simplified
Android Operating System - Touchscreen for easy operation
Whatsapp and Facebook Lite can be used for video calling and messages
SOS Emergency button that texts loved ones and send your real time

Dock charging cradle included for easy charging - Voice Memo Reminders
Photo Contacts for easy speed dial - Dual display - Dual Cameras - Loud
Volume - Bluetooth - Extra Long Battery Life

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