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AIR-BEE-N-BEE - With the Insect Hotel, You Can Offer Mason Bees, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Green Lacewings, and Other Solitary Insects a Safe Environment for Shelter and Nesting in the Garden or Backyard
ECO-FRIENDLY AND NATURAL - All Materials Used for the Bug Hotel Are Made of Natural Materials, Such as Pine Wood, Bamboo, and Pine Cone, and Are Not Painted. The Different Filling Materials Attract Different Types of Bugs and Address Their Needs
DELIGHTFUL DECORATION - the Gorgeous Garden Ornament to Add to Your Outdoor Space, Bees, and Butterfly Can Make Your Garden Much More Beautiful IMPROVE GARDEN PRODUCTIVITY - Useful for Many Insects, When They Live in the Bug House in Your Garden, They Help to Recycle Decaying Vegetation, Pollinate Plants, and in Some Cases Even Prey on More Harmful Insects
INSECT CHART INCLUDED - Wondering What Common Bugs Are in Your Garden? Since Not All Insects Are Bad, Browse the Bug Chart to Find Out if the Critters on Your Plants Are Beneficial or Harmful
Our Garden Is Home to Birds, Bees and Insects All Critters Are Welcome and Part of the Ecosystem. Our New Insect Hotel Houses Bugs That Eat Bugs, Such as Spiders That Hunt Moths, Flies, Mosquitoes and Ants. Also Insects That Pollinate Flowers Such as the Solitary Carpenter Bee Are Welcome to Snuggle in. Our Hotel Offers All Sorts of Suites to Choose From, Each With a Different Bed Filling With Bark, Straw or Bamboo.
Green Roof Insect Hotel - Height: 26cm, Width: 8.5cm, Length: 13cm

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